Week 12, 13-Oct-2007

Complete Week 12 pool result for UK 2007/2008 season played on Saturday 13-Oct-2007.

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WEEK 12 - UK 2007/2008 , 13-Oct-2007
# Past Coupon Results Result Status
1 Armenia       Serbia noScoreDraw FT
2 Azerbaijan       Portugal Away FT
3 Belgium       Finland noScoreDraw FT
4 Poland       Kazakhstan Home FT
5 Faroe Island       France Away FT
6 Italy       Georgia Home FT
7 Scotland       Ukraine Home FT
8 Greece       Bosnia Home FT
9 Hungary       Malta Home FT
10 Moldova       Turkey scoreDraw FT
11 Cyprus       Wales Home FT
12 Rep. Of Ireland       Germany noScoreDraw FT
13 Slovakia       San Marino Home FT
14 England       Estonia Home FT
15 Denmark       Spain Away FT
16 Iceland       Latvia Away FT
17 Liechtenstain       Sweden Away FT
18 Belarus       Luxembourg Away FT
19 Romania       Holland Home FT
20 Slovenia       Albania noScoreDraw FT
21 Bournemouth       Swansea Away FT
22 Cheltenham       Northampton Away FT
23 Doncaster       Huddersfield Home FT
24 Gillingham       Millwall scoreDraw FT
25 Leeds       Leyton O. scoreDraw FT
26 Oldham       Swindon noScoreDraw FT
27 Port Vale       Brighton Away FT
28 Southend       Crewe Home FT
29 Tranmere (V) x (V) Walsall Void Void
30 Yeovil       Carlisle Home FT
31 Barnet       Mansfield scoreDraw FT
32 Dagenham       Accrington Away FT
33 Darlington       Stockport Home FT
34 Milton K.D.       Lincoln Home FT
35 Macclesfield       Wrexham Home FT
36 Notts Co.       Bury Away FT
37 Peterboro       Wycombe Home FT
38 Shrewsbury       Chesterfield Away FT
39 Burton A.       Aldershot Home FT
40 Ebbsfleet       Droylsden Home FT
41 Farsley Celtic       Oxford Utd. Away FT
42 Histon       Kidderminster Home FT
43 Northwich V.       Exeter noScoreDraw FT
44 Salisbury       Altrincham scoreDraw FT
45 Stafford R.       Cambridge U. scoreDraw FT
46 Torquay       Stevenage Home FT
47 Woking       York Away FT
48 Welshpool       Carmarthen scoreDraw FT
49 The New Saints       Rhyl Home FT

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